As 2007 winds down for its final month like an old dog crawling into a cave to croak, let's take a look at the state of porn'where we were, how far we've come, and where we are now. The days of walking down the street to your local big-screen porn theater to watch 30-foot long penises towering over you are long gone. And though whack shacks with their closet-size video booths are still around, they are gradually closing down. Even DVD sales of adult titles are declining. It would appear that technology today and the way consumers are manipulated leads to one conclusion: people want one tool that does everything, and they want it at home so they almost never have to get up from their desk chairs.

This explains cell phones that take pictures and surf the Internet. This explains the growing popularity of film, music and television downloads rather than acquiring manufactured materials on store shelves. This explains the computer industry's drive toward making your PC into your definitive resource for work, entertainment, and naughtiness. From my way of thinking, a phone is for making calls, a TV is for watching shows and movies, and a camera is for taking pictures, etc. I don't require everything in one device, and frankly, when one feature of a multi-functional device breaks but the others still work'you got a problem. But my ancient 36 years of existence are probably making me stubborn about the way of things today.

Non-Internet porn is nearly dead. Even porn shot for DVD and released on the market eventually ends up on the Internet in downloadable format. With the ability to burn your own DVDs, this will eventually become the mainstream method of producing porn. It saves producers the cost of manufacturing DVDs, and it satisfies consumers who don't like to bother with keep cases or cover art. For those of us who like the old fashioned method of collecting DVDs and lovingly admiring them on our shelves'we're gonna have to make our own!

Having reviewed hundreds of porn sites this year for both personal and professional reasons, there's no denying the fact that because of the Internet, we've got more access to more varieties of porn than ever before. On one hand, this is great because it's all at your fingertips, just a few clicks away. But on the other hand, a lot of this porn ain't so good. I have seen some up-and-coming web sites deliver high-quality material for reasonable rates with original models and solid production values. But more often, I've seen god-awful el cheapo sites that offer little more than recycled porn from yesteryear, poorly produced original videos that are 20 seconds each and look as though they were shot in the dark, and even greater horrors to assault your pocket book. We are inundated with sites that rip you off, some of them simply converting old VHS porn titles into Windows Media clips and charging you for them, as if we haven't all seen them over and over and over (case in point: upon how many sites have you seen the CitiBoyz vids that you're being charged to watch? Answer: dozens!!). This is a result of a lot of amateur cooks in the kitchen, but no head chef with any sense of care or professionalism. There's always going to be good porn and bad porn, but now more than ever, consumers really have to be careful and selective, as it's too easy to get led astray by pretty preview pics that only result in a dry hump.

Online pics have certainly marched a long way. Remember those humongous GIF files in the early days? Now you can get crystal-clear images that are so sharp they'll cut ya! I have also noticed that the picture quality of vids on some sites is getting more and more impressive. When I recently visited a Latin site called, I was really struck by how colorful and flawlessly sharp their vids are. Even when I converted one of them to a different format, they didn't lose a bit of quality. Most sites do not offer pristine material such as this, but it's a good sign that online porn producers will gradually move toward high-definition cameras. Since the Internet may soon be our only avenue for porn, stepping up the production values is definitely a move in the right direction.

The good news is that we have sites like and others to help people navigate the treacherous roads of Internet porn, to find the gems and avoid the turds, and to provide insightful reviews from real pornhounds just like you and me. With all of its shortcomings, the Internet truly has a lot of effective communication and feedback to offer, and we all should be grateful for that. Though anybody can start their own porn shop nowadays, we must not get too jaded by the crappy porn-makers and must direct our energy to hoping for a better and naughtier tomorrow. For every 10 lousy porn sites, there will be 1 or 2 great sites full of hot boys swimming in deep rivers of their own semen. Though I miss the days of porn when it was shot on film, we can still hope that people who believe in quality and artistic integrity being a part of adult filmmaking will emerge and show us what they have to offer.

At the end of 2007, we have much change ahead of us. Some of it will be good, some of it will be frustrating. But as Mr. Spock said, 'Change is the essential process of all existence'. The way to make the future brighter even though you mourn for elements of the past is to merge them together and encourage others to do so. There is something to be learned from the past, something to be gained, and something to be taught. Encourage porn producers to heighten their artistic vision by providing them with feedback on what works and what doesn't. If we don't speak up and tell them what we want and don't want, they'll just keep fumbling along as they are. Let's all do our part for a more united porn world. You can start right now by blowing me. Thanks.



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