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Just when you thought things couldn't get any more picturesque at CockyBoys, director Jake Jaxson has released the second episode in the A Thing of Beauty series. The first scene starred Colby Keller and Dale Cooper in an arty beachside romp set to classical music and a Walt Whitman poem. Now, Gabriel Clark and JD Phoenix share a flowery fuck in a lush and rainy tropical setting. Based on John Keats' "Endymion" poem, the scene unfolds with enough kissing, sucking and humping to make fans weep.

Jaxon calls the series an "eroti-doc" that explores "desire and beauty" and pays tribute to his unique threeway relationship with co-workers Benny Morecock and RJ Sebastian. "This part of A Thing of Beauty is a celebration of living--a life worth living," Jaxson says. "Nothing is stopping us from being who we want to be, loving who we want to love and doing what we want to do. When you watch this film, try and connect to the most joyful parts of your past. Connect to all the things you wanted and still want, and make them your reality now!"

These are inspiring and motivational words, especially when you consider that they're about a gay porn fuck session! For more information, visit CockyBoys.com.

A Thing Of Beauty - CockyBoys 2

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