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Time sure does fly. Recently SpunkWorthy celebrated its third anniversary. It's hard to believe that this mostly jerk-off site has been pumping out hot weekly videos for three years now. So site owner Jason decided to do something special. Most of his site's weekly updates are straight guys jerking their cocks, but occasionally SpunkWorthy gives us hand jobs, blowjobs, or side-by-side duo jack offs. To celebrate his anniversary, Jason gave himself a hot birthday present - Christian Wilde.

Christian Wilde has been doing gay porn for a number of years now, and I remember when he first started. He's gotten a lot hotter since his younger, leaner, geekier days. When Jason arrived at Christian's hotel room to pick him up for the shoot, Christian joked, "This is the scene where I get to fuck you, right?" Jason laughed: "Mmmm... maybe next year." Too bad, because I think Jason is pretty hot himself and I sure wouldn't mind seeing one of his studs fucking his ass. "How about a blowjob?" Jason asked.

When they started filming, Christian unzipped his jeans and his cock was already rock hard. Wilde sits back on the couch and lets Jason get to work on his stiff cock. But Jason doesn't want it to end there, so he gives Christian's tasty ass some attention, too. Christian grabs his legs and pulls them up, giving Jason easy and complete access to his tight, furry hole. And where does Christian shoot his load? All over Jason's face. Now that's a hot birthday present!

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