You think working at a porn studio office is all fun and games? Well, that's what these two interns thought when they took the job. When they took the job at Dirty Boy Video, they were told the house rules - fuck whoever you want, but if you do it in the office, you must always be sure to do it in front of a camera. And there's nothing quite as hot as sex in the office, as these two discovered when they were asked to do an all nighter to take care of some urgent business and decided to do a little business on their own ;)

Here they are, still in their suits. One intern has his cock out as the other prepares to start sucking him right there in front of the boss' desk.


But that's only the beginning for our enterprising interns. Next thing you know, they're wearing a lot less clothes and fucking right there in the office.


How many people have gotten to shoot their load right there at the boss' desk? Looks like working as an intern here is as much fun as the guys thought it would be!


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