Johnny G. isn't a pornstar or model - he's a regular guy who decided he wanted to do a video for Dixter. And since he wanted to really enjoy himself doing the video, he decided he'd do what made him feel really good. Johnny gets really horny when his ass is filled, so he especially loves playing with a buttplug. As soon as he's comfortable being naked with another guy in the room, he turns that rounded ass of his toward the camera and slides that dildo right into his hungry hole.

Johnny loves having that buttplug inside him, stretching his ass just a little and stimulating it. Some guys are a little shy about playing with sex toys, but Johnny isn't one of them.


He reaches back and pushes on it, making sure it's all the way inside him. And now he can't wait...


His dick is nice and hard, and Johnny strokes his shaft as he plays with the buttplug a little, making himself hornier and harder as he gets closer to his first orgasm on video!


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