Man's man pornstar Troy Punk meets up with Dixter performer Johnny G, and the result is one hell of a fuck! Troy looks so straight that it sometimes surprises people what a serious ass-pounding he can take. You would think someone who has done a series of porn videos would get sort of blase - you know, been there, done that. But Troy can't seem to get enough down and dirty sex. Maybe that's why he's in porn - to get laid. In any event, Johnny G goes all out to make sure that Troy gets the fuck he needs!

Things get started with some cock-sucking, till both Troy's and Johnny's dicks are rock-hard and Troy just can't wait to get his ass stuffed with Johnny's great big cock.


He doesn't have long to wait - Johnny's tool is rigid and penetrates Troy's ass in a single stroke. Then he slams that tight ass again and again, giving Troy exactly what he needs.


What a pic this last shot is! Two hot asses, one getting fucked and both pointing at the camera. Looks like Johnny knows his stuff, and he's delivering the kind of hard fuck that Troy can't get enough of!


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