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A Different Light bookstore has been around as an actual store in West Hollywood and San Francisco since 1979. I've always liked shopping there, so I was happy when I ran across their website, ADLBooks.com.

A Different Light specializes in all sorts of gay books, erotic and non, gay family oriented books, books for young adults, fiction, calendars, videos... the list goes on and on. For those who are tired of browsing books that are almost all straight oriented, the fiction here all features gay, bi, transgender and lesbian characters and most of the non-fiction is also written with a slant for gay, bi, tg and lesbian readers. And yes, there's also porn - books, magazines and DVDs.

The site is well-laid out and easy to use, with a dropdown menu that takes you to any section in the site or you can use the menu on the left side of the page. Many of the products have user reviews, which is always a plus. There are sale items and a list of in-store events for those close enough to the stores.

The bottom line - it's nice to see a bookstore that shows the world from a queer perspective. If you shop books online, be sure and check out ADLBooks.

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