A Cause Des Garcons

A picture speaks a thousand words they say, and that is just as well if you don't read French because A Cause Des Garcons is all in French. But it is also covered with images, so you don't need to read the text to enjoy it; though I am sure you will enjoy it twice as much if you do. I did look for a translate button, found lots of social network share buttons and a couple of pop-up adverts I didn't like, but then plenty of horny guys in interesting images taken from all over the web. So all forgiven, I delved around a bit to see what I can tell you about this sleek looking blog.

Well, it simply seems to be a blog about all kinds of guys who are fit and hunky. There are famous faces, models, and unknowns here, there are men in tight underwear and swimwear, half dressed, and posing topless. I am not sure if they are all French or not, but they are all rather horny to view. So it's mildly erotic, full of pics and links and has something like 1,100 pages to view. Set aside plenty of time!

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