A cause des garcons is a French blog, expertly driven by one of those artistic bloggers who can reduce language to an obstruction while showing a taste and style that overcomes the language barrier. I personally do not speak French and the entire blog is in French bit I also "don't need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows." And these are some hot, stylish winds! I am absolutely convinced that anyone with the talent to display such art in a blog is capable of highly intelligent writing. Nor am I saying it doesn't matter. I would suggest following this blog, in fact, with translation software. Yes, I hate sounding chauvinistic like this but it can't be helped. All I know is, this blog is well worth a second and third look. Gorgeous men in all sorts of most enterprising and even hard core positions, from well-known hunks from various fields to simply gorgeous and horny men, doing what they do, make this site a real bit of eye candy of the first order. I would not hesitate one whit to recommend this as one of those fascinating places that are simply great to look at. For sheer eye candy and for elegance embodied, this guy really pulls it off. This is a hot site.

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