Zack is another nervous straight guy who got talked into getting his cock sucked by another guy. He was convinced to do it by those smooth-tongued devils from New York Straight Men. And speaking of smooth tongues, lets talk about Timmy - he's the resident cock sucker at New York Straight Men, and there's nothing he likes better than servicing first timers on camera. Once he gets that zipper open on Zack's pants, Timmy can't wait to get his face down there and get this blowjob started. But wait - that's only the beginning!

As Zack starts to get comfortable, Timmy never stops moving his mouth up and down, his tongue working as he sucks that hardening rod.


It looks like Zack has stopped thinking and worrying, and now he's just feeling what Timmy is doing to him. And who could blame him? After all, it's not every day you get a blowjob from a world-class cocksucker! It may be a one-of-a-kind blowjob for Zack, but it's just another normal day at New York Straight Men.


Timmy moves his face lower and sucks on Zack's balls. And it looks like feeling that warm, wet tongue on his balls is almost more than Zack can handle. He's getting close...closer... And then he can't hold back any longer and blows a massive load all over Timmy's face.


It looks like Zack had a good time - think he'll come back for more?

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