Sexy romantic hunk

There are so many times when we gays are accused of being promiscuous sluts with nothing but cock on our minds, and while I think that is perfectly fine and absolutely no problem there is another side to us gays that not many people see. That is the tender, loving side to us, and of course we want what everybody else on this planet wants: LOVE.

Now more than ever it is important to get the word out there that we as people, deserve equal rights, no matter what. We have the right to love whomever we want and if we chose, we want to get married, raise kids, basically do it all! Gays everywhere are starting to demand these basic rights and today we have Australian non-profit organization "Get-Up!" with a marriage equality campaign that brought a tear to my eye. Trust me - it takes A LOT to make me cry cos I am one stone-cold bitch!

The video is gorgeously done and captures the simplicity of two guys falling in love and the entire process of what it feels like to be in love. The video was done in order to raise awareness in Australia for the need of equality in that country where right now, gay marriage is non-existent. Take a look at the video, enjoy and share it - and pass on the LOVE!

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