a bear's life

A Bear's Life is like Cosmo magazine, but for hairy men. Who knew that bears had so much to talk about? But they do! This quarterly magazine is packed with articles from parenting advice to travel hot spots, and relationships to bear runs (those are scheduled events where a bunch of hairy men show up in one spot and do stuff). They interview the makers and shakers in the bear world; provide fashion and grooming tips; review movies, books, and music; they post photos of past bear events around the world; hell, they even have horoscopes! This magazine shouldn't be too hard to find if you live in a major urban center, most gay bookstores would carry it and even some of the large bookstore chains should have it on their shelves. But A Bear's Life has a website, too, where you can preview the magazine, order back issues, subscribe, read past features, and find links to the big world of bear.

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