A Bearded Boy

A Bearded Boy goes from strength to strength on his blog. This is a simple Tumblr blog where our host puts up photos from his life. These mainly seem to be about him showing off his body and his beard, and both are nicely average. He has some tattoos, as well, and an impressive-looking uncut cock. He has some interesting looking mates, too, and seems to like putting things into his ass. It's a really wild and fun mix of sex photos and day to day, real life images. You will find underwear shots, pissing and kissing, dressed up and dressed down, fetish sex, indoors and outdoors, sitting on dildos, sucking cock, peeing while sucking cocks, getting undressed... Our main man clearly likes to share all aspects of his life with us. You're also able to follow him with a free sign-up, and check out other followers and their 'notes'. This means you will soon find yourself joining in with a large following who not only love our bearded hero but who follow similar posts, as well. So, after a while of sitting and browsing, your own beard will be growing as you start to head off into site after site, all of which link back to this one. Set aside a lot of time!

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