I wrote/gushed about this wondrous "bearded boy" fella in my post Sexually Repressed Gay Male in which I revealed (spoiler alert!) he's totally not sexually repressed at all. He took time away from his extensive dildo collection to post a thank you in the comments. So I'll spread the love with another spotlight of his A Bearded Boy tumblr.

According to a recent post, he uses the tumblr for "documenting [his] sexual self discovery" and to "open people's minds". His over 15,000 followers prove he's doing a dandy job. In one post titled "About Me", he links to his Dudes Nude profile, so I'll do that too if you're looking for a bio.

Taken as a whole, his tumblr becomes a modern queer version of photographer Nan Goldin's The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, which the publisher describes as "a visual diary chronicling the struggles for intimacy and understanding among the friends and lovers whom Goldin describes as her 'tribe'".

Thus photos of a sexual nature are presented alongside safe-for-work personal snaps. Though when you know what may lurk behind the eyes (and in the pants), no photo is really safe for work in the response it can engender. Als, you know you've made it when someone illustrates you. In an alternate universe, this guy has an adults-only Saturday morning cartoon with his name on it.

A Bearded Boy

Visit A Bearded Boy for more. And consider how powerful it is to be oneself and make that self visible to the world, including the parts that may make others (whatever their sexual orientation) shocked, uncomfortable and, most potentially frightening, aroused beyond measure.

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