A Bearded Boy

A Bearded Boy lives out there somewhere and is on a constant voyage of gay sexual discovery. He already has 9,000 followers and fans at his site, and there's a very good reason for that. He's got a great image blog where all the photos belong to him. This isn't one of those places where someone browses the net and takes images from other people's sites. Nope, our man shares his own personal pics 100%. And they are usually starring him and his body, and he is usually naked. There's something very personal about these pages and that's the idea: you see him at parties, marches, Prides, in his leathers, harness, or naked, you see him on holiday, on the rocks, or at home getting fisted very nicely, thank you, and you peep into his personal life via his images. And then you click one and find the enlargement and discover that you can follow him, and you can also see notes, and who else is following him. So you end up using his blog as a starting place for your own voyage of gay discovery. Neat.

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