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When the guys wrestle on Naked Kombat wrestle, they're judged by their fighting ability, but even a novice can earn bonus points - and still win the match. The fighters try and dominate one another by any means and any fighting style, so the rules are pretty wide open - just like the loser's ass. The fighters get points for control, submission, and wrestling moves; but they also get bonus points for things like: slapping your opponent's ass, pulling his jockstrap over his head, fingering his butt, getting his cock hard or sucking it.

Trent Diesel is brand new to Naked Kombat. He is very athletic and he has Mixed Martial Arts background. With the NK record of 3-1, DJ is ready to add another notch on his belt. But Trent wears him down with a number of bonus point moves. My fave is when Trent is on top of DJ with his legs wrapped around DJ, and then, he reaches down with his head and wraps his lips around DJ's stiff cock. DJ gets Trent back a number of times as well. The thing about Naked Kombat's style of wrestling is that there's nothing in the rules that says the winner has to fuck the loser. Trent gets DJ down on all fours and shoves a doggy tail up his butt, then Trent gets DJ to lie back on the mat and Trent goes for a ride on DJ's stiff, 8-inch cock.

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