When RJ and Kai did this shoot for Blake Mason, there was only 45 minutes to shoot the entire thing. Luckily RJ and Kai hit it off instantly, so the sense of urgency only added to their excitement. It's amazing how sometimes a little pressure adds to pleasure - RJ and Kai went for each other with frantic enthusiasm. RJ was looking forward to topping Kai, and Kai couldn't wait to get fucked, but first they played with each others' bodies and got each other hot. Kai is really into sucking RJ's dick, and you have to love the view of RJ's spread ass!

Kai loved slurping on RJ's cock. As it grew even longer and harder, he couldn't fit the entire thing in hs mouth, but he tried - and he also liked teasing the head with his lips and tongue.


After the guys had spent a little time on foreplay, RJ buried his face in Kai's ass, licking and tonguing his warm, supple hole and getting it nice and wet.


RJ pushed Kai down onto the mattress and wasted no time when he slid his dick into Kai's asshole. He shoved it in all the way, then drilled Kai virgorously. Kai urged him on and the two fuck hard and fast!


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