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Aiden Lane back in the studio, after a five-year hiatus from gay porn. Phillip Heritage is an inked bad boy, who even after doing some guy-on-guy sex videos for Circle Jerk Boys, admits that he's still straight. Phillip lost his cherry on camera and today he's back to take another one. The guys wrestle out of their clothers and Aiden is standing in his boxers with his meaty cock hanging out of the fly. Phillip licks and sucks at it before swallowing the whole thing. Then Aiden flips Phillip back on to the couch goes to work on his stiffening dick.

Before long, they both end up on the floor in a hot 69 cocksucking session as Aiden pumps his hard dick into Phillip's mouth. When Aiden tells Phillip just how good his mouth feels, the straight stud offers up his ass for a tighter fit. He looks up at Aiden and begs, "I want you to fuck me!" Just how straight is this guy? In all my years on the gay team, I have never once said, "Hey Jane, your snatch looks really hot. Let me see how good it feels on my cock." Nope. Never. Not even once. So I'm thinking Phillip might not be as straight as he thinks he is. But then the guys flip, and Phillips fucks Aiden hard and fast - like a straight guy would - until Aiden shoots all over himself. Then Phillip pulls out and adds his own jizz to the mix on Aiden's chest and belly. Later, Phillip says,"I'm still straight, but I can't deny a big dick up my ass feels good." And I'm betting he'll be back for more.

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