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This week at Naked Kombat it's the battle of the J's. DJ takes on newcomer CJ. Both are similar in size and they're both packing big, fat cocks. Fuck! Where do they find these guys? But DJ isn't going to make this easy. He is a lean and ripped stud and he's already racked up two wins on Naked Kombat. He has lost once, so there is hope for CJ. And maybe this match could go either way. CJ is a tough boy and he can take a lot. He's lanky and uses his long legs to his advantage. But in the oil round DJ pulls out all the stops. Both guys are greased up and thrown back into the ring. I love watching these guys sliding around the mats. Their oiled bodies glisten and shimmer with the light catching every muscle and sinew. It's really hot. And with everything greased up so well, you're just kind of hoping that something will slip into somewhere, you know, for fun. In the end DJ wins the match and you're going to love watching him collect his prize.

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