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There's new meat at Naked Kombat this week. Chad Anderson and Koby Fox are a couple of newcomers, neither has wrestled in the Naked Kombat ring before. Chad Anderson has a hot, muscular, body and a huge, thick cock that hangs heavily between his legs. He's an avid kickboxer and he plans to use his skill to take down his opponent and then shove his massive cock up his ass.

Koby Fox also has a kickboxing background, so this should be fun. Koby is tall and lean. He is confident and has 12 years of experience in aikido. He doesn't plan to lose this match.

Truth be told, I'm rooting for Koby. Chad Anderson needs to get his ass fucked. He's very good looking and has a big dick; and I'm sorry - call me a bitch if you want - but I'm tired of the pretty, well-hung guys getting all the advantages. It's time that a good-looking stud like Chad gets his face ground into the wrestling mats. And Koby's just the guy to do it. I can't tell you how hot it was watching Koby pushing his cock down Chad's throat. And I loved it when Koby grabbed a fist full of Chad's hair as he pummeled the pretty boy's tight, little ass. I guess I'm a little cranky today; this Naked Kombat wrestling video was just what I need to release some tension.

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