Take two hairy UK hunks who've just finished a game of rugby, and what you get? After getting sweaty and muddy during a game, new UK Naked Men model Marco is scrubbing up in the team shower. The warm water feels great and Marco is relaxing when Tony shows up. They're both still energized from the game, and there's instant chemistry between them. The guys eye each other, and it looks like they like what they see because the next thing you know they're both standing under the hot water and Tony has a mouth full of cock.

Actually Tony and Marco find themselves in hot water before they even have a chance to undress each other. They're both dripping wet as they grope and fondle each other through their sports kits.


Man, there's nothing like a guy with a little facial hair as he presses his face between 2 warm hairy buttcheeks and give that tight ass a licking. Bet that beard adds just a little tickle...


After sucking each other's cocks in the shower, neither of these hairy hunks can hold back. Each of the guys shoots a stream of hot cum on the other, and doesn't she is look hot on a hairy man!


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