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I'm always happy when sexy Latin hunk Alex Marte shows up for another steamy session on Men at Play. He's a terribly handsome man with a square jaw, a few days of face scruff, and his I'm-going-to-fuck-your-brains-out brown eyes. God, the stare this hunk gives can get you popping your load just thinking about what he's going to do to you.

Pablo Nunez doesn't have to think about it. He joined Men at Play a couple of months back, and he's already become one of their more popular men. It seems like everyone wants a crack at his tight ass. Alex Marte has been trying his best to bend Pablo over a desk in the office, but so far the cute stud has resisted.

However today, Pablo is receiving suggestive text messages - sexts - from Marte. Pablo decides to play along and the sexts get more explicit and suggestive. Alex is watching Pablo from across the office, Pablo is squirming in his seat as the bulge in his pants makes it more difficult to sit comfortably. Occasionally the two look at one another and offer a teasing smile.

When Alex dares Pablo to take his dick out right then and there, it's all the invitation the Latin hunk needs. These two horny men in suits move to a more private office where Pablo can service Marte's big uncut cock. After slobbering all over it, Pablo bends over the desk and Alex drills his ass. They start off fucking in their suits: Alex's hard cock pulled through the zipper in his trousers and Pablo's shirt pulled up his back and his slacks pulled down his thighs. But when this fucking session gets into full swing, these two horny office studs are wearing nothing but their knee-high dress socks.

Head over to Men at Play and watch these two executives fuck.

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