Seth Boxer has a lean, defined body with washboard abs and a 7 inch cut cock - and he's got an innocent look that is more than skin-deep. You see, till now Seth's sexual experience was limited to women, and the sex he's had was pretty vanilla. He hasn't experimented with role playing, bondage, exhibitionism or other men. Seth's decision to do a shoot for Perfect Guyz was pretty groundbreaking for him - stroking his cock in front of other men and knowing that thousands of strangers would see him shoot his load. And that's not all...

Here's a pic of Seth as he was just starting to undress. Love this one because it shows that firm, squeezable butt and hard muscular back while his pants are open and still partly on...


Don't you love the moment when a guy first unzips his pants and pulls out his cock? It's almost like he's opening a present. Seth's meat is perfectly formed as he peels back his pants to reveal it.


It looks like Seth is getting more sexual experimentation than he expected when he arrived to do the shoot. You can't see him, but those hands jerking Seth off belong to Brent, and he's having such a good time that he's almost as horny as Seth!


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