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Scott is hot freshman wrestler who is fairly new to Corbin Fisher. He's done three hardcore scenes with guys so far, and this one with Marc is his third. Scott is the all-American boy, he has a hot body and a sexy Southern drawl. He's already fucked another guy on Corbin Fisher, and he's filmed his first ass fucking scene where he got drilled by a cute blond. So he's getting settled in quite nicely at Corbin Fisher.

This week Scott is back for some more action and this time he's fucking Marc. And I love Marc. He's one of my current favorites right now over at Corbin Fisher. He loves kissing and he's damned good at it. He's so passionate. After playing some video games Scott and Marc are making out on the bed. They swap blowjobs and eventually fall into some 69 cock sucking. And watching them rim each other's butt holes at the same time is really hot.

Scott stands on the bed, and pushing Marc's legs over his head, plunges his hard cock down into Marc's butt hole. A reverse piledriver is what I think they call it. Whatever it's called, Scott hammers Marc's ass pretty good. And he keeps fucking him until Marc finally lets loose with a huge spray of spunk - cum blasts everywhere, all over his abs and chest, he even splooges his neck. Then Scott pulls out and feeds Marc's hungry mouth a juicy load of cum. What a steaming hot couple.

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