Queer Sighted

Queer Sighted is an immensely entertaining and informative website full of all sorts of news, cultural events and writings involving gay lifestyles, including the intersections of the gay life with life at large. It deals very much with Pop Culture, yet also tackles thornier and more pertinent political issues such as newsworthy statements regarding Proposition 8 in California, an actually funny take on an American General's preposterous gaff in his allusions to gay Dutch soldiers inspiring mass murder, and lots of other stuff. Generally speaking, it is a fearless look at us all and refreshing for all of that. It is extremely intelligent and it gives a well-rounded and rather fascinating look at Western Culture and the events and news which are relevant to our side of the street. There is some great music, complete with a vid of the B-52's lead singer, Fred Schneider's next project, "Hit With A Ham!", hot off the presses. Vampire Weekend's SNL gig is here as well as plenty of poop on RuPaul and Lady Gaga, in no set order. Some models pop in and through and the videos of various Jon Stewart lampoons of idiocy are rampant. Smart, chic, up-to-date and stylish, this site is a perfect place to drink deep of what the latest news and culture is all about, in the U.S. and around the world.

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