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Our Czech Hunter is on the prowl for a hot guy to fuck. Summer's over, but it's still warm enough, and this dude is hoping to score some outdoor sex. He approaches a couple of guys, but has no luck. He decides to head into a cafe. He sees a sexy, sort of twinkish guy sitting at the bar, so he sits nearby and orders a coffee.

They strike up a conversation and the man tells the Czech Hunter that he has just lost his job. The Hunter tells this stranger that he might be able to help him out of his financial bind if he were open-minded. A quick smile and the guys are heading off to a secluded park where the Czech Hunterr offers this stud some money to get down on his knees. And he does.

The Czech Hunter offers this cocksucker some more money if he'll offer his tight butt hole for a good bareback fuck. The guy shrugs and bends over. With a handful of loot, he braces himself as this man slides his big uncut cock into his ass and fucks him good. When it's all over this unemployed dude has a butt full of cum and a fist full of dollars, and he's happy. So is the Czech Hunter; he's got another video for his members.

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