Mike and Jack decide to spend Sunday on football. They throw on their uniforms, play a little and then site back and throw back a few beers while watching Superbowl highlights on a DVD. While they're watching, Mike decides to gloat a little over past triumphs, and reminds Jack that he still owes him for a bet they made when his team lost big. They're both a little buzzed when Mike tells Jack he should own up and take it like a man. Next thing Jack knows, Mike is laughing and tackling him and that leads to this shoot for Gear Action!

Mike grapples Jack and pushes his head down. As Jack opens his mouth to protest, he finds it filled by Mike's suddenly rock-hard cock. And suddenly Jack is sucking Mike's hard-on and taking it deep.


Once Mike is all horned up from the blowjob, he can't wait to get him some ass to fuck. He pushes Jack up against the wall and shoves his man meat into his buddy's tight hole.


Once Jack has had time to adjust to having Mike's cock plundering his ass, Mike lies him down, pushes his legs up and really gives that tight butthole a serious pounding!


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