Meet Rocky. He's muscular with dark skin and eyes and a very hard cock, and he comes from Rio De Janeiro. Rocky is 35 years old and is currently travelling across Europe in search of fun and adventure. When he got to Germany, he met someone recruiting for Berlin Casting and decided that he wanted to audition for a porn video, so he agreed to do a test shoot - and these are pics from that shoot. With his beautiful body, exotic looks and active libido, Rocky was a natural once he started taking off his clothes.

Rocky's just the kind of guy I like to see - instead of getting camera shy or trying to "act sexy", he's open and happy with a friendly smile. Even before he's naked Rocky is looking forward to what comes next.


What a great fucking ass this man has! It's round, and you can see the muscle tone, but there's also enough meat on it to make it grabbable. Love those nice strong thighs, too.


And once he's done posing, Rocky is ready to get serious. He oils up that thick, dark pole of his and starts working it right there in front of the camera and crew. With a cock like that, I just know that Rocky passed his porn audition!


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