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Kale Max is the kind of guy who gets all the guys and girls drooling over him at the gym. And this week he's showing off the fruits of his gym efforts on Stroke that Dick. Kale starts off his video outdoors. After a few casual shots, he strips naked. What a beautiful body! Kale is lean and muscular. Every muscle and curve is tight and ripped. And talk about a nice cock. Kale's 8-inch meaty cock hangs freely between his legs, resting deliciously on a hefty pair of balls. And if you're an ass man, you're going to love Kale's. His round and muscular butt cheeks are just begging to be spread. You'll be imaging sliding your tongue between those mounds and flesh and digging for his tight rosebud. Kale heads inside for the main event where he stands in front of a mirror and jacks himself off. And when he's ready to shoot he moves in close and blows a thick load all over the mirror. It's so hot watching his juice sliding down the mirror.Yum!

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