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I've seen Brock Armstrong on a number of gay porn sites over the past couple of months. He's a hot bald fucker with a beautifully strong and well-muscled body, and as ass and cock that'll have you on your knees begging for a taste. I last caught him wrestling on Naked Kombat a few weeks back, but yesterday I caught up with him on Bound Gods. It seems that Brock was caught cruising late at night with his pants down. But when you're hauled into the Bound Gods station house you're faced with a different set of rules: there's no reading of your rights, the calling or lawyers, or protection from police brutality. Brock learns pretty quickly that if he wants to regain his freedom, he had better be willing to do almost anything. And Dak Ramsey is going to make sure this horny fucker keeps his pecker in his pants the next time he's out in public. Dak takes Brock into a dark room and Brock endures a flogging and if forced to suck this cop's hard cock. Brock is zapped with the Raptor (an electrified night stick). And just to punctuate his point, Dak puts Brock down on all fours, shoves his head in a hole in the platform, and then ties him up and gives him a humiliating ass fucking.

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