Fucking on a Couch

Have you ever wondered about the furniture used in these porn videos? I mean Circle Jerk Boys, Extra Big Dicks, and Men Over 30 always have their guys sucking and fucking on such nice chairs and sofas. Are they heavily scotch guarded? Do they hose them down after every scene? Is this someone's condo? God, can you imagine Marge coming over for tea and sitting in the very spot where Joe dumps his load the day before? Who knows.

I notice for this scene the sofa is encased in a slip cover. (I guess that's a condom for a couch?) Krist and Aiden start making out and it's not long before Krist is slobbering all over Aiden's fat cock. It's a nice one! I love a cock with some girth to it. The guys lie across the full length of the couch, ass to ass and they start stroking their hard dicks together. It looks pretty hot.

Aiden has been dying to slide his cock into Krist's ass so they get down to some serious fucking. Krist kneels on a chair while Aiden warms up his ass, but then the guys move to the sofa. And while Krist hangs off the arm rest, Aiden slams his ass from behind. When Aiden needs a bit of a break, he sits back on the couch and Krist rides his cock. Then the guys end up back in their original position of the couch (balls to balls) and they jerk off together. And Krist ends up completely covered in two juicy loads of cum!

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