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Greg Stanton is 22 years old, tall, and lean; and he loves older men. Ford Holland is one of my favorite men over at Hot Older Male. He's a sexy 51-year-old daddy who has fucked his way through six films over there. He's ruggedly handsome, in reasonably good shape, and he's packing a big, fat dick.

I love nothing more than getting a beefy daddy sitting back in a comfortable chair and giving him a long, slow blowjob. And Holland's dick would inspire your inner cocksucker to new heights - and depths. It's super thick and meaty, the kind of dick you really like to take your time with and pay lots of attention to.

When Ford arrives home from work, he finds Greg lying naked on the bed and he's ready for some pre-dinner sex. Who could turn down an appetizer like that? Ford stands at the edge of the bed, still wearing his work clothes and Greg hauls out his daddy's fat cock and starts chowing down on it. This hairy older man slowly strips out of his clothes until he's naked and then he fucks Greg's face over the edge of the bed. Ford crawls on top of his boy and sucks his dick while still pumping his fat daddy cock down Greg's throat.

Then daddy gets his boy down on all fours and starts pumping his ass full of cock. Before this scene is over, this couple fucks all over this bed. Greg even sits on Ford's cock and goes for a good, long ride. And when daddy is ready to dump, he spews a thick load of spunk all over his boy. That's a good boy! Hot Older Male has a hot, free preview video for you to watch, check it out.

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