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Justin is a 20 year old surfer who loves spending time at the beach. He's got big blue eyes and long, curly hair, and there's still a boyish innocence to his face. But Justin is not innocent. Justin prefers sex with girls, but he's one of the few Corbin Fisher guys who had already experimented with guys before starting his stint on the gay porn site. Within two weeks of his debut jerk-off session, Justin fucked his first guy on Corbin Fisher and got his ass boned by blond alumni Dawson. And in the weeks that followed, Justin got his tight surfer butt fucked four more times - this session with Josh makes number five. I'm wondering if he still prefers sex with girls, he sure has taken to getting his ass plundered.

After tossing a football around, Josh and Justin head inside and start making out. They kiss passionately. Josh kisses his way down Justin's stomach and then fishes out the surfer's stiff cock so he can swallow it. Josh pushes Justin's legs forward and spit shines the stud's asshole, then slides in one finger, then two. This drives Justin crazy. Josh teases Justin's puckered hole with the head of his thick cock. Justin moans. Then Justin's hard cock stiffens more as Josh pushes inside of him. "Fuck me!" Justin barks. And Josh does, he jackhammers Justin, almost fucking him right off the bed.

Their bodies melt into one heaving, sweaty, panting mass, kissing deeply as Josh plunges his dick in and out of Justin's hungry hole. Justin gets down on all fours and takes it doggy style. "Your cock is so huge," Justin pants. And as Josh pounds his ass, the horny surfer can't take any more and explodes all over Corbin Fisher's clean bedspread. Josh pulls out and splatters a healthy load all over Justin's back. And that was one hot ass fucking.

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