Does anyone remember who Nick Gurber is? Well, let me refresh your memory. He was once known in the gay porn world as Aaron Skyline and worked with Sean Cody and Next Door Male. Then this "male model" started dating the king of all underwear, Calvin Klein, and he was immediately catapulted into celebrity gold-digger-whore status.

Well, the couple broke up; then Nick got into some trouble with the law for beating up some guy and it all seemed that he was destined to be forgotten by one an all. BUT not so fast! I'm guessing that Nick was realizing that his 15 minutes were just about up, so this past week Nick was in the news yet again... could it be that he's making a cum-back into gay porn again? Well, no.

Nick gave an exclusive interview to Page Six where he talked in his new tell-all book about his "parental" relationship with Calvin. I don't know - I never fucked any of my parents, but I guess I'm just an old school fag. He went on to tell Page Six that his new book, "Obsession: My Life With Calvin Klein", would let everyone know about the jealousy that Nick had to endure while going out with the designing daddy.

One example the "extreme" jealousy Nick had to put up with was when Calvin made him take a lie detector test when the 70 year old suspected Nick of cheating. He went on to say that things were better after passing the test, but he was shocked that someone would make him do that. Nick also claimed that despite Calvin spending all kinds of dough on him, like buying him a $250,000 Bentley and keeping his ass in a penthouse loft in New York City, that he never asked once asked for a dime. Well, I guess were gonna have to take his word for it; it that were me, I would have asked for every single penny if I had to be sucking a 70 year old cock, but then again, I'm an old school fag ;-)

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