Dean has a great body, and he spends a lot of time in the gym, but THIS is the kind of workout that I like to see. This horny jock is just going to town, jerking his cock hard and fast, which shows off not only his cock but his muscular arms. And ya gotta love the position the photographer from Dixter caught Dean in because it makes him tense his abs, which looks pretty hot. It also looks like he's about to shoot his load right into your face, and that makes for one hell of a fantasy!

Of course, Dean didn't start the shoot off like that. He started off getting himself ready for the shoot by undressing. Once everything was off except his jock, he slowed things down, giving us a sneak peak before going all the way.


And since the photographer is way into butts, and loved Dean's muscular build, Dean was happy to show off his ass and do a little workout to get things heated up.


And at last! Here's a closeup of Dean's thick, juicy cock after he's gotten lubed up and is ready to beat his meat for the camera. Wouldn't you love to give him a hand with that hard, throbbing cock!


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