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Dallas is a 21-year-old, redhead gay guy who has been having a lot of fun over at Southern Strokes. He loves getting his ass fucked and pretty much is willing to try whatever the Southern Strokes guys throw at him. Cody Starks is a 25-year-old skater guy from Atlanta. He is a small guy standing 5'5" tall with a thin build, some tattoos, and a fat 9" cock. And he's bisexual so he has no problem taking care of another guy's butt.

Cody loves rough sex so as the two horny guys get into it, Cody is throwing around a little attitude. But Dallas isn't intimidated by anyone. Dallas was there to get fucked and he was going to enjoy it - no matter what. As soon as the cameras started rolling, Dallas stood up and stripped naked and Cody followed. Cody started sucking Dallas's stiffening cock. And after a little lip action of his own, Dallas got down on all fours so Cody could mount him from behind. Dallas loved feeling his buddy's 9-inch, fat cock drilling his hole. Once Dallas got used to Cody's huge cock, the horny redhead mounted Cody and rode the monster cock. Cody took control again and started fucking Dallas doggie style and by the time he was finished fucking, Dallas's ass was covered in a huge load of spunk!

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