Carlos is an 19 year old student from Mexico City who's currently studying business in the U.S. He's 5' 10" and slender with a handsome face, dark eyes and a 7 inch cut cock. I admit that I'd have preferred him uncut, but he's so hot that I didn't mind much. Carlos says he's straight - very straight - but he has always fantasized of showing off his body and cock, so doing this shoot for Miami Boyz fulfilled a fantasy for him. And seeing him with that big, hard juicy cock gave me a few fantasies of my own!

Man, ya gotta love those dark intense eyes and beautiful athletic physique. Carlos' arms, chest and shoulders are lean but muscled and wouldn't you love to run your tongue across his washboard abs!


This might be my favorite pic. They caught it just as Carlos was taking down his underwear to reveal his untrimmed pubic hair and his cock. As you can see, it was already getting hard.


Oh my god - look at the ass and thighs on this hot latin boy! Thick strong thighs and rounded, squeezable ass. And his dick has a single drop of pre-cum hanging just at the tip...


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