Brian Bodine from Man Avenue is a real eye-catcher. He really stands out with his smooth dark skin, shaved head and long black cock. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's good looking, either. He's got a little experience doing porn shoots, but I haven't seen much of him solo, so it's nice to see. When he did his shoot for the Man Avenue crew, they decided to shoot him outdoors on the patio and the sun does a lot to show him off as he pulls out his over-sized endowment.

In addition to his big black dick, Brian has one of those full, sexy lower lips you just want to suck on. In fact, there's a lot about Brian I find that I'd like to suck on ;)


And in this case, the back is as nice as the front. Brian has a muscular back, thighs and arms, and a very firm ass - and every muscle tenses in this rear shot, making him look so fuckable.


When Brian finally gets fully naked, you can see just how muscular his chest and shoulders are - he's very hot as he grabs his lengthy man meat and strokes it for the camera!


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