Brandon is a real horndog just like most college dudes, and there's nothing he likes more than showing more sexually inexperienced guys the ropes. When College Dudes 24/7 hooked Brandon up with Aden, he couldn't wait to lick him all over. Aden may be a bit of a newbie, but he was pretty horny, too - in fact, by the time he started getting naked, his dick was rock hard and ready to go. And once Aden opened his pants, Brandon couldn't wait to wrap his lips around that thick cock.

For such a cute, twinkie sort of guy, Aden is pretty hair. Brandon wastes no time in running his tongue over that hairy chest, Aden this is only the beginning of whatBrandon would like to do to Aden.


Once he's got Aden fully naked, Brandon gets serious. He pushes Aden's legs over his head and then buries his face between them, rimming that sweet hairy ass and getting Aden even hornier.


No good deed should ever go unrewarded. Aden may be experienced but it turns out this college boy knows how to fuck! He shoves his cock into Brandon's tight ass and gives it a serious pounding!


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