Bob Wingate's Blog is a fully fledged and very well-written exploration of male bondage in many of its different forms. Bob specializes in stories about situations and guys he has interacted with, beginning, for me, with an unbelievably hot story about a Corrections Officer he met in a chat room and invited over. From the very first, (and in all his stories), there was an immediate role-play established, with no nonsense Bob allowing these guys to act out their supremely submissive fantasies. He most definitely has the experience and the wit to go "all the way". It becomes pretty hot, therefore, as he describes so well their capitulation and his virtual ownership of every single inch of these fellows. Bob has 30 Chapters on "bullies and victims", all amazingly well-written, comprising situations we can nearly all recognize. His other tales involve such fantasies as abductions, oral rape, foot fetish artists - a gamut like no others. He does present pictures and some realities in his blog - some quite extensive, too - all involving real people doing all this in reality. One gets the impression of a very active and dominating fetish practitioner who enjoys his work and who has the great good taste to write it for us in readable and pretty damned erotic style.

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