Ben from Guys Hooking Up was horny and couldn't wait to make a quick connection. He sent out this message to a guy he met online and had gotten fucked by before: "Hey Pierre. You horny bud? It's a cold night and got a fire going here. Let's make some heat! Ben". The response came in a couple minutes "Always horned up for you bud! I want to heat up your ass... give you a hot fireplace fuck! Can't wait!" The minute Pierre came in the door, both of the guys were naked and getting down to it...

Pierre didn't waste any time getting to Ben's horny hole. He got his face between those cheeks and starting eating that tight ass, getting Ben ready for the pounding he was about to get.


Pierre ripped off his clothes and started fingering Ben's butt, which was still wet with saliva. Pierre kept moving his fingers in and out, loosening Ben up and driving him wild!


It was only minutes before Pierre shoved Ben down in front of the fireplace, grabbed him by the hair to pull back his head and filled him up with the hard cock that Ben had so desparately craved!


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