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Aymeric DeVille and Lawson Kane are playing a game of strip poker. As the cards go down on the table, these two muscle studs start removing their clothes. And they eye each other's tattooed bods. But Aymeric isn't playing fair; his cheating hand wins him the round and Lawson's briefs end up on the floor.

When Aymeric falls to his knees to wrap his lips Lawson's banana-curved cock we appreciate his motivation to cheat. Then Lawson gets throat fucked by Aymeric's big uncut cock. And these two tattooed men can't hold back, so they shoot their first loads of the scene.

Aymeric lies back on the couch and Lawson shoves his stiff cock up Aymeric's ass and drills him hard. They move to the table and Lawson continues to fuck Aymeric, his big balls slapping against his ass. And when Lawson's had enough of Aymeric's ass, he fires an impressive load all over the muscle stud's hard pecs.

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