Aaron is a cutie. He's somewhere between a twink and a college boy, and he has a big cock and a great ass. He's also a personal friend of the owners of You Love Jack. As a result, they can talk things over - and talk him into things. That's why, when Aaron said he was a top, they were able to convince him to play with a butt plug for this shoot. And as you can see, he really got into it. Or it got into him. Either way, Aaron is having a great time masturbating with that butt plug deep in his ass!

These days Aaron is pretty at-home in front of the camera, so he started by getting out his cock and stroking it. As you can see, once Aaron is erect, he is quite well-endowed.


Once he was hot and horny, he agreed to try the buttplug. He didn't want anything too big for his first try, so they let him use this one. Since it was going to be his first insertion ever, he used plenty of lube!


And after he'd gotten that butt plug nice wet and slippery, and he was horny as hell, Aaron spread his ass and slid that butt plug all the way in - and he discovered that he likes having something in his tight hole.


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