9-inch cock

Wow! What a stunning man. This is Colt and he's a handsome fucker. He's got a strong, muscular jaw and deep-brown, penetrating eyes. And Colt's body is beautiful. His entire physique is flawless. Colt's upper body is lean and tight with broad shoulders, bulging biceps, and wait until you see his six-pack - it's covered with a light tuft of hair crawling up past his belly button. It's not quit a treasure trail, but give it a couple of years. Colt flexes his muscles and it's just breath-taking - round, full shouders bulge into huge biceps. When Colt begins to stroke his cock, it swells to a 9-inch power tool. It's not much on girth, but it's a long one crowned by a deliciously plump cock head. And Colt is sporting a tight set of shave nuts. As Colt nears the end of his video, he massages his balls and pumps his cock, and then, he explodes, shooting an amazing ten burst of cum over his chest and six-pack abs. In the aftermath, Colt looks like he has had a couple of guys jack off all over him. He's completely covered in cum from pecs to pelvis. Fuck, it was wonderful to watch.

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