9-inch cock

New meat alert! Corbin Fisher just introduced us to Cameron, a handsome stud with a 9-inch cock. He's buff and well-built, with the kind of muscular chest you love running your hands across. I have to say right off the top that the screen-grab photos do not do him justice. Do yourself a favour and go to the site and check out his high-quality photographs -- they're beautiful, he's beautiful! He's got the most amazing pair of pale green eyes, and I absolutely adore his soft, pouty, kissable lips. And Cameron has the tinest smudge of a soul patch right under his bottom lip. Cameron is very athletic and it shows in every curve and bulge in his muscular body. Wait until you see is back, and that ass! Fuck, he's got a hot one! When he's not all excited and jacking off, he's got a huge set of low hanging balls. They hang almost right to the tip of his 9-inch cock, but not quite. When he gets his cock hard, he's sporting a bit of a downwards curve to it. And Cameron doesn't waste any time, he gets right to it. He shoots a creamy load of cum, more of a couple of good shots, and then, lots of juice oozing all over his hand. It's hot!

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