9-Inch Cock

A few months ago, this sexy bald hunk first appeared on Butch Dixon. Since then, he and his 9-inch cock have made quite the splash. Max is a 44-year-old bald man with an awesome body. He works out religiously, so his body is in impeccable shape. Although it doesn't look like because Max's body hair is so fair, he does have quite a hairy chest. Max recently geared up in some of his favourite leather and gave us another look at his delicious 9-inch cock. But while I was over at masculine man site Butch Dixon, I noticed that Max has another huge surprise waiting for us - a cock pumping video. As if it meaty cock isn't big enough, Max pumps it even bigger in a hot jack off session. And you can also see Max dicking a hairy hunk with his huge dick. When I talked to Butch Dixon about Max and his huge dick, Butch told me that this well-hung muscle man has signed up to bottom in his next video! Now that's something I want to see!

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