Mace has those wholesome boy-next-door looks that are becoming the Perfect Guyz trademark. Dreamy blue eyes, swimmers build, smooth chest and a huge 8-inch cock, that's Mace. And wait until you see his hot, bubble butt. It's beautiful. He is a natural exhibitionist and truly enjoyed getting off for the cameras. And this 24-year-old gets right to business. When his video clip opens, he's sitting naked on the floor, leaning against a couch. His cock is already rock hard and he's jacking it. It's a monster. Aside from being 8 inches long, it's very thick - dwarfs his hands. And his cock head is juicy and bulbous. It's a fat fucker. Mace starts off with slow and purposeful strokes and he rubs his tight balls. After a couple of minutes, he picks up the pace and starts rubbing his lean chest and six pack. The camera gets in close and gives us a real good close-up look at his cock. Mace lies back on the floor and rubs his butt hole while he continues to jack off. And then, he gets on his knees and gives us a good look at his ass. Finally, he settles back for the final explosive scene and dumps a thick, thick load of cum all over his belly.

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