"The continuing adventures of Craig and Kevin and all their friends and foes making their way through Atlanta's most famous fictional condo." Click on any picture and get a full comic book. You'll have to surf from page to page but it's all there. The drawing reminds me of older comics from back in the 60's. Spiderman comes to mind. Same style so to speak. There seems to be a large library here. Some of the stories are dramatic, they are gay men (don't hit me!), and yet most are just downright hilarious. Your cartoonist is Chris Companik and he seems to have a good grasp on what makes for some decent cartooning. They aren't for sale from what I can see and the quality in my opinion would put him just above amateur status. That's not to say that this is bad artwork. It's just that you can tell it's a hobby. A most welcome thing in this day and age where some people will sell their grandmothers on the web if they can.

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