7 Month Load Gets Satisfied 7 Month Load Gets Satisfied

Travis arrived for his interview with quite a load saved up. He has been celibate for seven long months. Being a dancer has helped to work off some his sexual frustration, but not all of it. During their initial chat, it was quite obvious he had more on his mind than a jack off session. Tony, who was conducting the interview, asked Travis if he wanted to do a bit more than was on the menu. After abstaining for seven months, who wouldn't?

And why shouldn't Tony make that offer to Travis? Here is this trained dancer, who is gay with a fine toned body. Though not a bodybuilder, his physique is just as delicious. Once Tony got in front of the camera, Travis immediately reached for his cock. With a wide smile, he quickly gobbles up Tony's cock. After seven months, you can tell Travis is quite hungry. Sucking Tony's dick long and deep. Did we mention that oral is Travis favorite thing to do?

After finally coming up for air, Travis turns his attention to Tony's balls. Simultaneously he also begins to stroke Tony's cock. During this suck-a-thon, Travis peers up at Tony occasionally to gauge his approval. Wanting to satisfy his own hard-on, Travis pulls down his pants and starts to jack off his own uncut cock. Changing positions, Travis lays back and continues to jerk off while slurping on Tony's sack.

Tony cannot hold it in much longer. He proceeds to shoots off a huge load of cum all over Travis check and mouth. Travis hungrily laps up the entire warm substance, while jerking off his own cock. With seven months of pent up cum, it only takes a second for Travis to shoot his load. Which squirts all over his rock-hard abs. Seven months of celibacy. But this suck session made it worth the wait.

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