70-Year-Old Daddy Fucks Furry Bottom 70-Year-Old Daddy Fucks Furry Bottom

Wait until you see Alvaro go. He's 70 years and still horny as hell. What else is there to do when you're retired? I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to chasing ass all day like Alvaro. Nick Bay is a sexy guy in his late twenties, he's a bottom, and he loves playing with older men. In fact, Alvaro is the fifth man he's serviced on Older 4 Me, his first session saw him helping a pair of lovers in their sixties have their first threeway. Ain't love grand? Come inside and see Alvaro fucking Nick's ass.

It doesn't take this pair long before they're peeling out of their suits and Nick is on his knees gulping this hairy geezer's cock. Nick likes his men hairy and Alvaro has a furry torso; he's a little soft around the middle, but overall, he's still is decent shape. And he loves fucking ass and he really gives it Nick.

They start off on the couch with Alvaro screwing Nick doggy style, then he lies back so the young stud can ride his dick. They head for the floor and daddy crawls on top of his boy and grinds on his ass with slow, forceful pumps. Long gone are Alvaro's days of jack hammering a hot butt, but rapid-fire fucking is for horny, young studs, Alvaro prefers taking his time and really enjoys Nick's tight hole pulsing around his dick. And he makes sure Nick feels every deep thrust. They sit back on the couch and cum on Nick's furry body, Nick blows first and Alvaro drops heavy ropes of jizz on Nick's belly.

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